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North Laos Nam Ou Grand Adventure

Pick up from Luang Prabang

Tour Code: LPQ-67 Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights

Adventure-seekers will have a grand time exploring the northern rural parts of Laos to discover remote villages within an abundance of natural beauty!


  • Explore the Rural Areas at the Northern part of Laos by Going on a Thrilling Kayaking Expedition along the Nam Ou River
  • Visit the Remote Villages that is Situated along the Banks of the Nam Ou River, which Includes the Ban Hard Gya and Ban Sop Jaem
  • Gaze at the Stunning Landscapes that Surrounds the Nam Ou River, from Rising Limestone Karsts and Lush Green Forests

Tour Description:

Day 1 - Arrival / Muang Khua

Begin your journey by travelling from the ancient city of Luang Prabang, which at one point in history was the ancient royal capital. Venture from the heart of Laos, which is situated at the northern part of Laos through to the Oudom Xai. Visit the Oudam Xai that is generally not a commonly explored spot by the tourists as the small capital lacks any tourist attraction and it is only visited as a transport hub for northern Laos. You will feel like you are in another country as Oudam Xai is populated with people from Vietnam and China, but the majority are Chinese and the area consists of an abundance Chinese businesses. Leave Oudam Xai behind and venture to the city of Muang Khua.

Traverse across stunning landscapes of mountains that tower over the region. Admire the striking sights as you stroll through the Nam Bak river valley until you reach upon the picturesque town of Muang Khua. The town of Muang Khua is located near the banks of the Nam Ou river, along with the confluence with the Nam Phak river. Explore the picturesque town that contains a wooden suspension bridge that crosses the Nam Phak river and a waterway that is filled with palms and other vegetables, during the dry season. Your day comes to an end as retire at the homestay within the serene ambience of the Muang Khua town.

Day 2 - First Camp

Awake from your rest and begin your journey by consuming a delectable breakfast. Then, you will head to the banks of the Nam Ou river to commence your kayaking expedition. Before starting your kayaking expedition, you will be informed of the safety measures and technique instructions. Beginners should not be deterred from joining this expedition as it is suitable for beginners. Traverse through the waters of the Nam Ou river that is filled with whitewater rapids, which can be classified as grade 2 and a few grade 3s. The Nam Ou river is a significant river as the water conditions are suitable for transportation of goods and it is one of the major tributaries to the Mekong river. Along the expedition, discover Mother Nature’s creation that is completely untouched by men, from rising mountain karst to an abundance of verdant forests.

Along the way, you will make a stop at one of the villages that sit along the Nam Ou river. Discover the different ethnicities of Laos, which includes the Khmu, Hmong and Laos that live harmoniously with one another. You will be warmly greeted by the friendly villagers as you enter the peaceful village. The Lao people (66%) constitutes the majority of the population of Laos, followed by the Khmu (11%) and Hmong (8%) people. In the evening, you will arrive at the camp that is amid the lush jungles in a serene ambience. As nightfall slowly approaches, you will head back to your accommodation, where you will consume some delicious Lao dinner and take a break for the rest of the night.    

Day 3 - Second Camp ‘The Beach’

Delight yourself in a big Lao breakfast and savour in the taste of Laos before heading out to begin your thrilling adventure for the day. Travel through the Nam Ou river again on a kayak through the serene environment of the river. You will make a stop at the Ban Hard Gya, which is a fishermen village that is situated along the banks of the Nam Ou river. The Ban Hard Gya village is the home of more than 50 Lao families and it is the biggest village that sits along the Nam Ou river. Observe the villagers as they carry out their daily tasks to sustain the needs of the village, which includes fishing along the shores of the Nam Ou river. Learn about the culture and customs of the villagers from your friendly guide and by interacting with the villagers.

After exploring the Ban Hard Gya village, you will head back to the Nam Ou river and reach the Muang Ngoi district to visit the Ban Sop Jaem village. Travel along the narrow streets of the Ban Sop Jaem village and interact with the local ethnic people that reside in the village. Explore the simple village that is filled with rudimentary houses as the village is safely nestled between towering limestone mountains, covered in verdant trees. After exploring the Ban Sop Jaem, you will head back to the camp, where you will relax within the calming atmosphere of the camp. Take the opportunity to go on a fishing trip along the Nam Ou river or take a refreshing dip into the river.

Day 4 - Muang Ngoi

Start your day by indulging in a delicious Lao breakfast that will give you the required energy to commence your adventure. Traverse through the Nam Ou river on a kayak and pass through rocky and cliff-filled areas before reaching the small village of Muang Ngoi. The Muang Ngoi is a riverside village that is relatively unaffected by modern inventions, such as internet access or even landline telephones. Explore the beautiful village that is relatively slow, in terms of the pace of development and observes the simple life of the local villagers that reside in the village.

Sample the unique cuisine as you visit small restaurants that are in the small town. Explore various facilities that are present in the town of Muang Ngoi, which includes a small temple maintained by five monks, a school and even a hospital ward. Once the Sun is at its peak, you will head back to the banks of the Nam Ou river and hit the hay at the simple bungalows that are near the banks of the Nam Ou river, within the peaceful atmosphere of Muang Ngoi.

Day 5 - Exploration

Awake to the sounds of the footsteps from the local people as they begin their day’s work. Take a whole day to explore Muang Ngoi, which is paradise on Earth as the town is filled within the midst of unspoilt nature. The small town contains about 800 people that reside in the town. Participate in thrilling recreational activities that are available, which includes trekking to hill-tribe villages nearby, caving, fishing and swimming along the river. Relax within the tranquil environment of Muang Ngoi, whilst sipping warm coffee in a comfortable hammock. Venture to the nearby caves that can be reached by wandering along the trails and discover the caves that were used to shelter the villagers during the Second Indochina War in the 1960s. After exploring every nook and cranny of Muang Ngoi, you will head back to the simple bungalow to take a rest overnight.  

Day 6 - Nong Khiaw

Start your day with a delicious breakfast and savour the flavours of Laos before beginning your adventure. Head back to the Nam Ou river again to continue with your kayaking expedition. This time, you will be challenged as you will experience parts of the river that are faster than before. Revel in the stunning landscape of the Nam Ou river as you past even more rising mountains, spectacular limestone karsts and forested valley. The Nam Ou river offers an excellent habitat for more than 80 species of fishes and more than 20 that is believed to thrive within the waters of the Nam Ou river. The Nam Ou river supports the survival of other species, which includes otters, rivering birds and reptile species.

You will arrive at the quaint town of Nong Khiaw that is situated along the banks of the Nam Ou river, spanned by a sturdy bridge. Explore the charming town that sits in between fantastic limestone mountains amid verdant jungles. Immerse yourself in the traditional way of life that the locals in the town live by as you wander pass houses constructed out of bamboo walls. The town is a wonderful place to kick back and relax within the laid-back nature of the town amid the natural beauty. After exploring the stunning town, you will head to your comfortable accommodation that has a stunning view of the Nam Ou river and the tall mountains. Delight yourself in the delectable Lao dinner to replenish your energy on a small terrace along the Nam Ou river.

Day 7 - Nam Ou River

As the Sun slowly rises from the horizon, you will begin your day with a delicious breakfast before heading to the calm rivers of Nam Ou river. Start your kayaking journey along the Nam Ou river as you depart from the Nong Khiaw town and head to the riverside village. Be warmly greeted by the affable villagers that reside at the remote village as you wander around the well-trodden roads. Observe the villagers as they engage in their day-to-day tasks, within their farmlands and along the shores of the Nam Ou river. You will be lead by a guide through the serene village, where you will discover the culture and customs of the villagers. End the day at a homestay in the riverside village, which is where you will reside in for the rest of the night.

Day 8 - Nam Ou River/ Pak Ou Cave / Luang Prabang / Departure

Indulge in some delicious Lao breakfast at the riverside village before heading out to the kayak to continue your exploration of the Nam Ou river. Reach at your final stop on your kayaking expedition along the stretch of the Nam Ou river, where you will be picked up by a driver to take you back to the ancient city of Luang Prabang. Before reaching Luang Prabang, you will have a chance to explore the Pak Ou cave, which is highly revered by the locals as the cave houses an abundance of Buddha statues in varying shapes and sizes. Venture to the “Whiskey Village”, that is known to produce rice whiskeys called lao-lao, where you will have a chance to sample or purchase the whiskey. Thus concludes your thrilling journey as you bid farewell to the remote village and hit the roads to head back to Luang Prabang.

Cancellation Policy:

15 - 30 days prior to the tour date, 30% of total package payment incurred.

7 - 14 days prior to the tour date, 50% of total package payment incurred.

1 - 6 days prior to the tour date, 100% of total package payment incurred.

No show, and cancellations on the tour date: No refund allowed.

Pick-Up Time:

  • 7:50 am - 8:20 am

What's Included:

  • All Transfers from the Starting Point to the End
  • Accommodations
  • English-speaking Guide
  • Backup Boat
  • Kayak, Paddle, Helmet and Life Jackets
  • Meals (7 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 5 Dinners)
  • Local Taxes and Authorizations

What's Not Included:

  • Any Items Not Mentioned
  • Specialty Drinks
  • Tips
  • Hotel Pick Up/ Drop-off

Additional Information:

  • Minimum two(2) pax for the tour to be confirmed
  • Pick up and drop off service can be arranged for hotels in the city centre, with additional cost. Please check with Adventoro Concierge (Call / Whatsapp +6010 468 8011)
  • On the second day, you will travel along the Nam Ou river on a kayak for about 36 kilometers and it requires at least 6 hours to complete. On the third day, you will head along the Nam Ou river again on a kayak for about 27 kilometers and it requires at least 5 hours to complete. On the fourth day, you will travel on a kayak for about 9 kilometers and it requires at least 3 hours to complete. On the sixth day, you will travel along the Nam Ou river on a kayak for about 27 kilometers and it requires at least 4-5 hours to complete. On the seventh day, you will kayak for about 22 kilometers and it will require at least 5 hours to complete. On the final day, you will kayak for about 15 kilometers
  • There will be a backup boat during the duration of your journey that will carry supplies. On any day that you would like to rest more and kayak less, you have a choice to ride along the backup boat
  • It is advised to bring a small dry bag for your belongings, torch and batteries, your own sleeping bag, extra clothes, towel and sarong (long skirt), pocket knife, strong sun protection, hat, long sleeves T-shirts and long trousers, running shoes and sandals and first aid kit
  • Transfer duration above are estimated and subject to traffic and weather condition, and not inclusive of any sightseeing tours
  • Please adhere to strict pick-up time punctuality. Tour operators may forfeit tours for travellers if no-show during the stipulated time
  • Registered name of the traveller must be corresponding with photograph documentation (Example: Passport). Tour operators reserve the right to reject if registered traveller fails to provide photographed documentation of their own

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