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Discover The Best of Nong Khiaw

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Tour Code: LPQ-66 Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights

Explore the hidden gems of Nong Khiaw by going on a grand adventure through natural sites, such as the Nam Ou river and to remote villages that surround the river!


  • Go on an Exhilarating Trip to Explore the Rustic parts of Nong Khiaw by Going on a Trekking Expedition Along the Scenic Trails and on a Boat ride Across the Nam Ou River
  • Discover the Unique Culture and Customs when you Visit the Remote Villages, such as the Lao Leu Village
  • Experience the Authentic Lifestyles of the Local Villagers by Residing at the Local Homestays Overnight

Tour Description:

Day 1 - Nam Ou River / Nong Khiaw / Lao Leu Village Visit

Start your journey in the ancient city of Luang Prabang, where you will take the roads and enjoy the drive through stunning sights along the Nam Ou River. You will arrive at the small town of Nong Khiaw, that is described as a true heaven on Earth as the town is safely situated in between rising limestone karsts and it is along the banks of the Nam Ou river. Along the way, you will make a stop at the serene Ban Na Nyang, which is a Lao Leu village located within the depths of the jungle. Explore the unique Ban Na Nyang that is a popular site to visit due to its unique Lao Leu traditional style houses and handicrafts. Discover a wide selection of handicrafts produced by the talented villagers.

Arrive at Nong Khiaw by the afternoon and take the opportunity to explore the rustic little town. Gaze at the stunning natural beauty that is amid the charming little town as you stroll along the narrow streets. Observe the affable villagers as you move along the streets to complete their daily tasks and hear the sounds of laughter from children playing with each other. You will be led by your friendly guide through the narrow streets to explore every corner of the town and to also sample to delicious local cuisine for dinner. Once night approaches, you will head to the Nong Khiaw Riverside Lodge, where you will reside overnight.

Day 2 - The Famous 100 Waterfall Trek / Riverside Khmu Village

Awaken to the sounds of the town coming to life and begin your day with consuming a delicious breakfast at the homestay. You will board a boat that will take you along the Nam Ou river en route to a small village along the riverside. Catch the sights of the hardworking villagers working by the banks of the Nam Ou river, preparing for the day’s catch of fishes. Gain some insight on the lifestyles of the local villagers from your guide as you trudge upon the trails en route to the waterfalls. Walk along the beaten paths through small streams that flow casually and rice paddy fields that spread across the land.

Hear the sounds of the moving waters as you approach the base of the stunning 100 Waterfalls. Splash around in the alluring cold pool and relax within the serene ambience of the waterfall. You will have a chance to hike along the path going upward to the top of the waterfall. Grip the hard rocks to aid in your climb and advance along the makeshift bamboo ladders along the way. After an exhausting hike, you will be provided with a delicious lunch that will surely replenish your energy amid the stunning nature. You will then take a well-trodden trail that is used by the villagers to head back through the valley, with an abundance of striking natural beauty overlooking the Nam Ou river. Take the paths to the Nam Ou river to depart from the valley on a boat, heading to Ban Houay Goong, the Ban Houay Goong is a Khmu village that still practices olden-traditions and carries traditional values. Interact with the friendly villagers and learn about their culture and customs of the village. End your day by retiring overnight at a comfortable homestay.

Day 3 - Naaluang Trek / Multi-Ethnic Hike

Have an enjoyable breakfast before leaving the serene village behind by travelling by boat and car to Naaluang. Explore the narrow paths and you will pass stunning rice paddy fields that vary in colour depending on the season. Trudge along the trails through the preserved forest with tall trees that provide shade against the blazing Sun. Take a break on the path and consume a delicious lunch provided within the midst of the stunning forest. Be warmly greeted by the locals as you enter the remote village that is in the depths of the jungle.

Take the opportunity to explore the remote village and meet with the friendly locals. Venture to a school that was constructed completely out of eco-friendly materials, which includes clay, adobe and mud. The Clay School was established in 2011 and it is now a place of learning for the local village children. Experience the authentic way of eating Lao food, local style at your homestay. Retire overnight at the local homestay that is within the serene atmosphere of nature.

Day 4 - Jungle Trek / Boat Ride / Muang Ngoi

Begin your day with a delicious breakfast before starting your journey for the day. Depart from the remote village and trek along the local trail that will take you to the Nam Ou river. Explore the most striking routes that will take you within the wonders of nature through a canyon pass, in between towering mountains. Challenge your limits as you walk along an uphill stretch under the scorching heat, which may be difficult to go through but rewarding nonetheless. You will trek along different nature settings, through the vast expanse of rice fields and thick verdant jungles.

Along the way, you will visit a serene Khmu village that is situated along the banks of the Nam Ou river and venture to their beautiful gardens, with stunning flowers all around. You will be served a delectable lunch, Lao-style that will arouse your taste buds. After lunch, you will board a private boat that will take you to the secluded Muang Ngoi. Your day ends at the pleasant Lattanavongsa guest house, where you will rest and retire for the remaining night.

Day 5 - Trekking / Remote Villages

After breakfast, you will hop on a local boat that will take you upriver on the Nam Ou river, amid the beautiful sceneries and remote villages that are aligned along the banks of the Nam Ou river. You will commence with your trek along the Lao countryside, surrounded by tall mountain landscapes as you head to the Muang Ngoy village to Ban Kioukhan. The Ban Kioukhan is the home of the friendly Khmu hill-tribe, amid the stunning mountainous region of the north. The Khmu people live a basic and simple lifestyle that seems to be unaffected by modern times. Explore the charming village to discover the local culture and their way of life from observing and interacting with the villagers. You will cross the village to continue with your trekking and you will pass by many streams along the way.

Along the way, you will visit the Tham Kang cave, that was once a shelter for the local civilians during the Second Indochina War in the sixties and seventies. The Tham Kang cave and the surrounding nature did not suffer from any severe damage, hence nature still flourishes amongst the land. The sceneries are truly breathtaking with the sights of the mountain in the distance. Take a break during your trek to delight in the delicious lunch served in the midst of the stunning sceneries. By afternoon, you will approach Ban Kioukhan to explore the remote village and then head to the homestay. Dinner will be served, where you will be able to savour in the taste of the cuisine. After a tiring day, you will retire for the remaining of the night.

Day 6 - Trekking

Before starting your journey, you will consume a delicious breakfast that will provide you with energy for the rest of the journey. Your adventure begins with a trek along the downhill path, surrounded by striking natural surroundings to visit the Ban Hadsap Huey. The Ban Hadsap Huey is the home of a small Khmu hill-tribe that sits along the banks of the Nam Ou river. Explore the remote village to understand and gain some insight into the age-old culture and the lifestyles of the local Khmu people. Lunch will be served as you take a break within the village. Your trek continues along the trail that will take you from Ban Hatsap Huey to the town of Muang Ngoi. Revel in the beautiful sights whilst trudging along the trail near the bank of the Nam Ou river, with rising cliffs and rock formations in the rainforest. After an exhausting trek, you will retire overnight at the Lattanavongsa guesthouse.

Day 7 - Muang Ngoi

Awake to a delicious breakfast before heading to the Nam Ou river for your final boat ride from Muang Ngoi to the city of Nong Khiaw. Then, you will ride along a private minivan through stunning landscapes with the beautiful mountains dominating the sceneries and the calm flow of the river. Along the way, you will make a stop at the famous Pak Ou cave, which contains plenty of Buddha statues that are in a wide range of positions, shapes and sizes. Explore the Pak Ou caves that can be split into two parts, with the lower cave and upper cave called the Tham Ting and Tam Theung, respectively. Both of the Tham Ting and Tham Theung caves are connected by a set of stairs.

Then, you will head to the Ban Xang Hai village, that is known to produce the popular rice whiskey called lao-lao. Catch a glimpse of the handicrafts produced by the artisans in the village and purchase them to your heart’s desire. After your trip, you will savour in a delicious lunch at the local restaurant and taste the flavourful Lao food. Admire the stunning scenery from the restaurant of the confluence of Mekong and Nam Ou rivers. Your journey ends at the ancient city of Luang Prabang, after a thrilling 5 days journey exploring Nong Khiaw.

Cancellation Policy:

15 - 30 days prior to the tour date, 30% of total package payment incurred.

7 - 14 days prior to the tour date, 50% of total package payment incurred.

1 - 6 days prior to the tour date, 100% of total package payment incurred.

No show, and cancellations on the tour date: No refund allowed.

Pick-Up Time:

  • 7:50 am - 8:20 am

What's Included:

  • All Transportation (Vehicle and Boat)
  • English-speaking guide
  • Meals: Five (5) Breakfast, Seven (7) Lunch and Four (4) Dinner
  • Entrance fees
  • Village Fees
  • Taxes
  • Accommodations
  • Luggage Storage

What's Not Included:

  • Any Items Not Mentioned
  • Specialty Drinks
  • Tips
  • Hotel Pick Up/ Drop-off

Additional Information:

  • Minimum two(2) pax for the tour to be confirmed
  • Pick up and drop off service can be arranged for hotels in the city centre, with additional cost. Please check with Adventoro Concierge (Call / Whatsapp +6010 468 8011)
  • On your third day, the total time taken during the trek is about at least 5 hours, medium grade and along up-and-down hills. On your fourth day, the total time taken of the trek is about 4 hours, through a medium grade path. On your fifth day, the total time take of the hike is at least 5 hours, 3 hours are uphill and 2 hours downhill
  • It is advised to bring the necessary gear and clothing for the tour. Extra luggage may be left at the main office before the tour. Pack light and wear suitable clothes for all of the activities and are appropriate for the predicted weather
  • It is advised to bring along shoes that can get wet and extra sandals for wearing in the evenings
  • Days 3, 4, and 5 are rather difficult and you are required to be in a fit condition and up for an adventure
  • It is advised to bring along the hat, sunglasses, camera, sunblock, mosquito repellent, trekking sandals, rain gear, toilet paper and small backpack, torch/flashlight, toiletries, change of clothes and a small amount of money
  • Transfer duration above are estimated and subject to traffic and weather condition, and not inclusive of any sightseeing tours
  • Please adhere to strict pick-up time punctuality. Tour operators may forfeit tours for travellers if no-show during the stipulated time
  • Registered name of the traveller must be corresponding with photograph documentation (Example: Passport). Tour operators reserve the right to reject if registered traveller fails to provide photographed documentation of their own

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List of Location(s):

    Pick up is also available for other location(s) under the vicinity of Luang Prabang. For more information, please contact Adventoro's concierge service.

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