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Tu Lan Great Expedition

Pick up from Phong Nha

Tour Code: VDH-15 Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights

Take part in this journey of self-discovery, physical training, and mental exercise as you explore the beautiful wonders of Tu Lan Cave System.


  • Visit Rao Nan River, the Shooting site for the Hollywood Blockbuster “Kong: Skull Island”
  • Marvel at the Solid and Chalky Limestone wall and Interior of the Secret Cave
  • Swim in the Pristine and Fresh Water of the Tu Lan Cave System Blue Lagoon
  • Experience the Exhilarating Flying Fox fun up Above the Cave as you make your way Across Hang Tien 1
  • Make your way into Ken Cave - the Longest cave in the Tu Lan Cave System

Tour Description:

With over 10 caves spread across the entire mountains, it can be a challenge to fully explore all the wonderful caves on your own. Navigation aside, it might also be hard for you to predict what different terrains you are about to encounter on your way. This 4 days / 3 nights expedition is designed to let you achieve that very feat thought impossible. Breaking it down into daily achievable goals, you will find yourself exploring so much more in a day and before long, conquering Tu Lan.  

Day 1 - Phong Nha / Tan Hoa / Secret Cave / Hung Ton Cave / Tu Lan Campsite / Hang Ken

We first depart for Tan Hoa village where you will check on your gears, attend a safety briefing and get yourself ready for the long but rewarding journey ahead. Once you finish signing the Release Form, you will be ready for the adventure. This will be a long challenging trip so be sure to tick all the safety requirements, listen closely to instructions and be careful with your steps. After the briefing and signature, the trek starts easily with a 2.5 km trek across peanut and buffalo fields to Rao Nan River. You will also be able to enjoy the panoramic view along the vast field as you tread the field path and make your way through.

Across the river is your first cave expedition called the Secret Cave. Stepping in, you will find many photo opportunities of the interior of the cave that you simply do not want to miss. You will then continue to Hung Ton Cave entrance which will last for around 30 minutes. Once we arrive at the Hung Ton Cave entrance, we will stop for lunch until around 1:00 P.M. From Hung Ton Cave entrance, the journey continues throughout the jungle to Tu Lan Campsite where you will get the opportunity to enjoy a cuppa or coffee before you swim into Ken Cave. In Ken Cave, explore the photo viewpoints in its interior and challenge yourself to find one where a famous shot was taken of the cave. Arriving at the campsite, you will have the chance for a quick dip and enjoy the mouthwatering dinner prepared for you before you dream under the stars.  

Day 2 - Tu Lan / Hang Kim / To Mo / Hung Ton / La Ken / La Ken Campsite

When the clock strikes 8 A.M., it is time to wake up. After breakfast, you will proceed with your steps to Tu Lan Cave. There, you will abseil down 15 m into the river passage of Tu Lan Wet Cave on a harness. Once you arrive at the bottom, you will get the choice to either swim or boat your way out of the cave. We know you are eager for the extra fun of swimming but it will have to depend on the season. If you are lucky, you will get that extra swimming experience you have longed for. Nevertheless, enjoy the water as you make your way through the cave and marvel at the interior of the cave formed through years of water erosion.

Next destination will be Hang Kim where we will enter via the dry entrance all the way to the underground river where you will again get to swim your way out of the cave. At the end of the tunnel is the beautiful To Mo Valley waiting for you to see. We know you will love it and that is why we will also be having our lunch there from 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. The trek continues to Ton Cave which is accessible via water. After a good amount of swimming, you will get to explore the dry passage of the cave and make your way out of the cave.

From there on, the trek continues for another good 2.5 hours before La Ken Valley comes into sight. Upon reaching the La Ken Campsite, you will be able to enjoy a dip in the natural pools or perhaps some photo-taking of the waterfall accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee. As you finish dinner, ready yourself and get your sleep early because tomorrow is yet another day.

Day 3 - Hang Doi / Hung Nhai / Tien Valley / Tien Campsite

Wake up for an early morning start at 8 A.M. Munching on your breakfast, the trek continues at 9 A.M. over the hill and through Hang Doi, known as Short Cave or sometimes, Bat Cave. Before you ask, this is not where Bruce Wayne houses his secret base - but feel free to amuse your friends by quoting the fact that you have gone to the Bat Cave and witnessed Batman’s top secret rendezvous point. The cave will again necessitate a quick swim but once you get out, you will see a beautiful waterfall rushing through the mighty path above. This will be prime time for some beautiful pictures.

You will then make your way across Hung Nhai Valley to the bottom of the hill and partake lunch together. While doing so, take your time to appreciate the beauty of the valley - its fertile soil, fresh air and green blanket. Not long afterwards, you will find yourself at the blue lagoon by the rock surroundings. Take your time to appreciate this otherworldly beauty and enjoy a swim in the lagoon as the golden sunsets. Once you smell that delicious BBQ grilling and your stomach rumbling for some nutrition, chow down on a well-deserved dinner and get some sleep by the beautiful azure lagoon.

Day 4 - Hang Tien 1 / Hang Tien 2 / Tan Hoa / Chay Lap Farmstay

Today’s destination is Hang Tien, the biggest cave in the Tu Lan Cave System. The big breakfast is not without a reason. You will be exploring two sections of the behemoth from 9:30 A.M. all the way to 1:00 P.M.

Hang Tien 1 has one of the most wondrous entrance. Rimstone pools stack themselves high beyond the field of boulders and add to the beauty of the cave. Deeper inside the cave, you will have the chance to try out the 18-metre-long flying fox. Imagine being able to feel the rush of wind on your cheeks as you are suspended mid-air. Worry not as our professional team will make sure you are safe and well supported. This new addition to the expedition will ensure your satisfaction for having made it so far into the journey! For you extreme sports lovers, this is definitely an exhilarating experience you do not want to miss. Enjoy the view high above the suspension as you gaze and admire the horizon from a bird's eye view. How often are you able to get an experience like this? Well, this is definitely your time to. Afterwards, you will continue your way to Hang Tien 2 before making your way back.

As you make your way back, lunch will take place at the exit of Hang Tien 1. After lunch, you will go through Hang Tien 1 again, trek over the hill to the road where you will be picked up and return to office at around 4:00 - 4:00 P.M. Once you are in Tan Hoa, you can finally take that proper shower you have been waiting for so long. Refresh yourself with some cold drinks, pack your luggage and make your way to Chay Lap Farmstay on our car. When you are checked in, enjoy your well-deserved gala dinner with fellow members of your expedition team and retreat to your room for that beauty sleep you have been craving for.

Departure Day - Transfer to Dong Hoi

Make sure you have enjoyed all the amenities offered to you at Chay Lap Farmstay before you leave. You can then choose to either be transferred in the early morning (7:30 A.M.) or afternoon (2:00 P.M.). Kindly inform your preferred departure time to your tour guide the night before so as to facilitate prompt schedule arrangement. Congratulations! You have just completed the gruelling 4 days 3 nights expedition tour - and you survive!

Cancellation Policy:

For Join-in Tours:

  • If written cancellation request is received and acknowledged more than 90 days before tour departure you will be charged a VND 7,000,000 booking processing fee per person for cancellation and the balance will be refunded
  • If written cancellation request is received less than 90 days but more than 45 days before tour departure you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of total booking price and the balance will be refunded
  • If written cancellation request is received less than 45 days before tour departure, no refund will be provided under any circumstance. Please make sure you have your own travel insurance to cover any unexpected cancellations

For Private Tours:

  • If a cancellation request is received and acknowledged more than 90 days before the tour departure you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the total booking price and the balance will be refunded
  • If a cancellation request is received less than 90 days before the tour departure no refund will be provided under any circumstance. Please make sure you have your own travel insurance to cover any unexpected cancellations
  • You may substitute members of the group up to 1 month prior to the tour departure as long as the substitute members meet our medical and fitness requirements

Pick-Up Time:

  • 7:00 am - 7:30 am

What's Included:

  • Return transport
  • 1 night’s accommodation at Chay Lap Farmstay (single or twin-shared)
  • Camping gear: tent, camp light, sleeping bag, mattresses, pillow
  • Caving & safety gear: caving helmets, safety harness, ropes, life jacket, gloves
  • Professional caving headlight (Hope Technology headlights - 1500 lumens)
  • Photography lighting supports (Hope Technology - R8 3,000 lumens)
  • Light PVC backpack (if you do not want to take your own, as it will get wet)
  • Dry bag (for clothing and personal belongings excl. electronics)
  • Basic canvas trekking boots (only if you do not have your own pair) sizes 36 - 46
  • Meals including picnic lunches, dinner (day 1, 2, 3, 4), breakfast (day 1, 2, 3,4 & departure)
  • Gala dinner on day 4
  • English-speaking tour guide and guide safety assistant
  • Porter team to carry all camping gear and prepare meals
  • Porter team to carry all your personal belongings to camp
  • Shared dry box for phones and small cameras (limited availability for larger cameras)
  • Water purifier (used only by guide and porters) and water bottle
  • Basic camping facilities with eco-friendly compost toilet using western toilet seat
  • First Aid Kit and Medical Rescue Equipment (application by guides and porters only)
  • A secure storage facility at the company’s Tan Hoa office to store all luggage you will not be taking on the trek
  • 2 group transfers from Chay Lap Farmstay to Dong Hoi city centre after the tour (1 transfer in the morning and 1 transfer in the afternoon)
  • 1-hour complimentary kayaking at Chay Riverside

What's Not Included:

  • Travel insurance (you must purchase travel insurance to join this tour, otherwise our team will help you purchase local travel insurance at VND 440,000 for a 4-day trip and you will be billed before your arrival date)
  • Any additional costs other than those mentioned above; additional expenses may include laundry services, extra food & drink, and additional water sports & river cruises at Chay Lap Farmstay
  • Tip for guide team and porter team
  • Any Items Not Mentioned

Additional Information:

  • This tour requires a minimum of 2 pax to be confirmed
  • The minimum age for this tour is 12 years old
  • If you are trekking in the colder months (February - March) please bring additional warm clothes for the evening and an extra change of long pants and shirt for swimming
  • This tour has a moderate-to-hard adventure level and is designed for physically active guests
  • Please note that swimming is necessary for this tour
  • Please also note that basic trekking experience is required for this tour
  • The operating period for this tour is from December to August and will be closed from September to November
  • This tour is subject to availability. Please check with Adventoro Concierge (Call / Whatsapp +6010 468 8011) to inquire about the availability of this tour
  • Transfer duration above are estimated and subject to traffic and weather condition, and not inclusive of any sightseeing tours
  • Please adhere to strict pick-up time punctuality. Tour operators may forfeit tours for travellers if no-show during the stipulated time
  • Registered name of the traveller must be corresponding with photograph documentation (Example: Passport). Tour operators reserve the right to reject if registered traveller fails to provide photographed documentation of their own
  • Please Also Bring:
  • 2 long (easy to dry) pants and 2 long sleeved shirts to wear during the trek (quick dry)
  • 2 pairs of shorts and a T-shirt to wear campsite plus swimsuit
  • 1 pair of trekking boots/shoes - difficult terrain, good footwear necessary. Gore-Tex/waterproof boots are NOT recommended as they do not drain well (if you prefer your own comfortable pair)
  • 1 pair of flip flops (sandals) for the campsite
  • 1 medium size towel
  • 3 - 4 pairs of calf-length densely woven socks (not ankle socks!)
  • Personal items: mosquito repellent, sunglasses, hat, camera, underwear, toiletries
  • Shoe pads and thick socks if using the company’s canvas trekking boots

Pick-Up Location(s)

Refer to the map below to see a list of pick up location(s) that are available for you to choose from. You can select your desired pick up location when you book the tour.

List of Location(s):

    Pick up is also available for other location(s) under the vicinity of Phong Nha. For more information, please contact Adventoro's concierge service.

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