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Jeram Besu White Water Rafting, Rafflesia Trekking & Elephant Sanctuary

Meet up at Jeram Besu
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Tour Code: PAH-27 Duration: 3 Days / 2 Nights

Face-off the wild, wet rapids of Jeram Besu with white water rafting, go trekking in Lata Jarum forest to find the rare Rafflesia and pay Lata Jarum waterfall a visit, feed and bathe elephants at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, and make some friends at the Che Wong Orang Asli village!


  • Brave the Class 1 to 3 Rapids of Jeram Besu in White Water Rafting
  • Trek Through Lata Jarum Forest in Search of Rafflesia and a Waterfall
  • Feed and Bathe with Elephant Calves at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary
  • Visit a Humble Orang Asli Village Belonging to the Che Wong

Tour Description:

With its Class 1 to 3 rapids, Jeram Besu guarantees that each and every rafter, no matter whether they’re a first-timer or a seasoned rafter, will have a good time. Jeram Besu is considered to be one of the best spots in Malaysia to go white water rafting. Both Malaysians and Singaporeans alike are known to have travelled the distance to Jeram Besu just to test out its rapids. Before you’re actually allowed out on the rapids, there is a mandatory water confidence course that you must partake in to build up your confidence in the water.

This course runs you through what to expect when white water rafting, creating certain scenarios that you will have to navigate through. You will learn how to float, sit and paddle as well as how to properly resurface from a capsize out on the rapids. Part of the course includes the “man overboard” activity where you will have to dive into the most active part of the rapids also known as the “Mother Rapids”. This activity should help build up your confidence enough and boost your adrenaline in preparation for the real thing! Once you’re ready, get into your raft with your teammates and push off into the rapids!

Did you know that Borneo isn’t the only part of Malaysia where you can find Rafflesia? In Peninsular Malaysia, the Rafflesia can be found deep in the lush tropical forest of Lata Jarum. Here is where you will go on a trek to discover one or more, and if you’re in luck, they’ll be in bloom. The Rafflesia proudly owns the title of being the world’s largest single flower of any flowering plant. It can grow up to be a whopping size of 100 centimetres in diameter and 10 kilograms in weight per flower.

This flower, with its bright red colour, giant wart-covered petals, open chamber and rotten-flesh stench when in bloom attracts flies and other insects that will aid pollination through laying their eggs in the chamber. The Rafflesia also stays healthy and alive for about 8 to 10 days, but its blooming period is unpredictable, and it is more commonly found still in the form of a bud, which it remains in that form for about 16 months! Regardless, the trek in search of this flower is still one that should not be missed, and you might just have some really good luck on the day.

Besides just being home to the Rafflesia, Lata Jarum forest also has a small waterfall hidden away in its depths. Located just a few kilometres away from Ulu Dong village, this waterfall is not as majestic as the other famous waterfalls of Malaysia, but it still does a satisfactory job of creating an enchanting little atmosphere that puts you in the mood for some meditating, swimming or picnicking. You may as well pay this waterfall a visit while you’re in Lata Jarum forest, and you can cool yourself down here after the trek.

The Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary in Lachang is an interesting place to visit, hence why it is on your itinerary. At this sanctuary, elephants who have had their habitats disturbed or destroyed by development are located, subdued, rehabilitated and translocated. As of now, over 700 elephants have passed through this sanctuary and have found new homes thanks to the efforts of the team. The team’s hard work at the sanctuary has allowed for the slowing of the declining of the elephant population.

Besides helping the elephants, the team at the sanctuary also aims to help educate the Malaysian public on the plight of the elephants who suffer at the expense of development. They do this through various public awareness activities. They also train these Asian elephants to help out other elephants in translocation efforts. You can feed these lovely, smart elephants bananas and sugarcane at the sanctuary, and bathe with the adorable calves in the river.

Just a distance away is an Orang Asli village where the Che Wong resides in harmony amongst each other and nature. The Che Wong tribe is one of the nineteen original Orang Asli groups that can be found in Peninsular Malaysia. Take a look at their humble homes made of Nipah, rattan, wood or bamboo, and admire their craft. You can coax the villagers out of their bashfulness with kindness and a welcoming smile, and sooner or later, you’ll be finding yourself with new friends.

Cancellation Policy:

Please refer to our refunds policy under Terms of Use section

Meet up Time:

  • 10:00 am - 10:30 am

What's Included:

  • English-speaking guide
  • 2 Nights’ Accommodation at Countryview Recreation Park Resort
  • 2 Breakfasts / 2 Lunches and 2 Dinners
  • Hazardous Sports Activities Insurance
  • Equipment & Guide Provided
  • Internal transport included

What's Not Included:

  • Tour Excursions Exclude All Entrance Fees Unless Stated Otherwise
  • Return land transfer from Kuala Lumpur

Additional Information:

  • Transfer duration above are estimated and subject to traffic and weather condition, and not inclusive of any sightseeing
  • Minimum 4 pax for confirmation of tour. Please check with Adventoro Concierge for availability (Call / Whatsapp +6010 468 8011)
  • Transfer duration above are estimated and subject to traffic and weather condition, and not inclusive of any sightseeing tours
  • Please adhere to strict pick-up time punctuality. Tour operators may forfeit tours for travellers if no-show during stipulated time
  • Please wear Lightweight clothing such as T-shirt, Short, Tights & etc)
  • Avoid heavy jeans, thick cotton trousers, tracksuits
  • Wear Water shoes or Sports Shoes and bring straps to secure spectacles (if needed)
  • Registered name of the traveller must be corresponding with photograph documentation (Example: Passport). Tour operators reserve the right to reject if registered traveller fails to provide photographed documentation of their own

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