Breathtaking views you must visit in Cameron Highland

Breathtaking views you must visit in Cameron Highland

It is said to be the most popular Highland tourist spot in Malaysia. Choices of exclusive accommodation according to budget. Also, Cameron Highland is an ideal holiday destination as it has many exciting activities to do. It is highly recommended to go on an adventure in Cameron Highlands.

Boh Tea Centre Sungai Palas

The Boh Tea Plantation in Cameron Highland has been the most popular sites and located in the Sungai Palas, Brinchang Jaya. Also known as Boh Teh Center Sungai Palas, this destination has often been a tourist destination and always crowded when school holidays or weekend breaks.

As well as Boh Tea Plantation sites in Ringlet, what was attractive here is the same as enjoying the tea and dessert in the café, visiting tea plantations, buying Boh tea souvenirs and the best is to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the tea plantation extensively.

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Cameron Valley Tea House


The Bharat Tea Farm in Cameron Valley is located near to Tanah Rata area about 2-3km. Bharat Tea Plantations has two locations that are not far from each other only about 1 km and often become tourists visiting spot. The tea plantation operated by Bharat Group, which is Cameron Valley Tea House 1 & Cameron Valley Tea House 2. The site is different, but the concept of tourism products is the same.

Visitors can visit the tea plantations around the area for free whether taking a photo or killing the soul enjoying the divine beauty. They also have a Tea House where you can taste a selection of cakes and sandwiches along with the finest freshest from the fields. There is also a tour area for tea factories and space for tourists to buy fruits and souvenirs, such as a selection of colourful teas and various flavours such as green tea, strawberries, and mango and so on.

 Cameron Adventurous


It's time for an exciting adventure in Cameron Highland! You must try to enjoy the tea plantations in Kuala Terla by using vehicles get more exciting tours in Cameron Highland. Cameron Adventurous provide this car rental service in Kuala Terla and about 2 km from Lavender Garden. Cameron Adventurous offers three different types of wheels for visitors such as 4x4 Safari, ATV safari & Extreme ATV.

Prices offered are very affordable, and visitors need to book a week before if they want to try a unique experience by enjoying the incredible scenery of Cameron Highland's tea plantations.

Cactus Point


Cactus Point is the destination with a rich variety of large or small cactus trees in pots. It is ideal to be a destination for children to familiarize themselves with these exotic thorny trees. They also have a variety of flower plants that are more attractive for ladies.

If you are looking for a souvenir, visit Cactus Point to buy a flower or cactus in a small pot to make your holiday memorable in Cameron Highland.

YZ Agro Farm


Bumiputera built YZ Agro Farm located at Taman Sedia Village in 2011. Visitors can experience picking strawberry fruit from the gardens. The café provides self-picking strawberries, and they serve meals such as nasi lemak, curry noodles and casual meals such as waffles, ice cream and so on that are freshly made using strawberry from the garden.

Fragrance Nursery


Last but not least, Fragrance Nursery is an ideal destination for flower lovers. They have been a favourite potted plant in Cameron Highland which has operated for 25 years. Among the flowers exhibited here are Lavender, Rosemary, Orchid, Rose, Chrysanthemum and 100 other flora species. Recently they have also started planting grapes.

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