Published: Feb 23, 2019

Langkawi Nightlife

Langkawi nightlife price range:

  • RM1 - RM100

How you can get there:

  • Car, motorbike and bicycle rentals are available around the city. Be sure to check them out if you wish to have more freedom navigating around the island
  • You can also opt for a taxi to get you around
  • Ride-sharing apps such as Grab and Uber are also useful to flag a ride around the city

Cenang nightEnjoy Cenang beach with your friends with the beautiful moonlight in the background! (Image Credit: Flickr//Tyagarajan Sundaresan)

What to look out for:

When the sun sets, the party starts. If you are a proud night owl and a born party-goer, you should definitely check out some of the joints around Langkawi. The bustling nightlife on the island is magical and you will find as much fun hanging out by the bar and pub in Langkawi as you would in your hometown. Prowl the night, make your way to the bright light and get the party started as you explore the hidden lanes and party spots around the island. Of course, we will include some night markets that are open for business each day of the week in case you need some good food to continue that party.

Yellow Beach Cafe is a hotspot on Cenang Beach! (Image Credit: Yellow Beach Cafe)

  • Bars and Grills
  • What better way to spend the evening and watching the sunset by the shore as you munch on your favourite bites and gulp down some refreshing beer? If this sounds like an ideal way to spend your evening, you are in for some good news. Langkawi’s scenic beach is accompanied by many beachside bars and grills all for you to choose from. Some of the recommended spots include the “Yellow Cafe” Langkawi and “D’Reef at The Cliff”. Located at the scenic Pantai Cenang, both cafe bars combine the picturesque view of the brilliant ocean and the savoury dishes of Langkawi. Unwind and enjoy your evening as you admire the sight of the golden sea with a glass of cocktail on your hand and some munchies to accompany your perfect day.

    The menu is international and you will find various food on offer ranging from patty burger all the way to beef steak and pepperoni pizza. Sit down and relax as the night slowly comes and the lights illuminate the beach in with their brilliant radiance. What better way to spend the evening on the beach?

    Antero Langkawi is a popular night haunt for party goers! (Image Credit: Antero Worldwide)

  • Bars and Pubs
  • If you are in Pantai Tengah and are looking for some lively night, you will be glad to know that “Antero Langkawi” in Pantai Tengah is blasting the music all night. This bar and pub seaside joint have all that you need for a fun nighttime adventure. The first-floor functions as a bar with a wide selection of fine and exquisite wine, beer and cocktail made to satisfy your every need. You can stay and sit for a chat with fellow travellers, watch some football games live on the big screen or you can grab your drink and make your way up to where the fun is contagious and the hype intoxicating.

    The second floor serves as a pub where you can get your dancing groove on. Sway to your tune and showcase your dancing finesse as you shake to the tunes ranging from EDM, house, hip hop, reggae, funk blues and island world music composed by talented local artists. Drinks are at RM10 here but it also comes with an occasional special offer. If you are a lady and you happen to drop by on Wednesday, drinks are free all the way until 1:30 A.M. So shake your body to that fine music because the party will go on all night long!

    St. Regis Bar is one of the best places in Langkawi for a romantic night out. (Image Credit: Flickr//Travel Guys)

  • Fine Dining
  • There are also various spots to go to if you are looking for some private and elegant dining spot. Whether it is with your significant others, your friends or simply on your own, be sure to check out some of Langkawi’s famous fine dining destinations that are designed to make you feel like a king.

    If you are travelling with your soulmate and are looking for a place to enjoy some good alcohol and catch up on lost times with each other, you have to look into Langkawi’s “St. Regis Bar” and “The Sunset Deck”.

    The St. Regis Bar is a must for couple travellers who are looking for some private spots to strike a conversation and enjoy the night with each other. With natural lighting, fossilised wooden bar tables and the stunning view of the Andaman Sea, the bar is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some romantic and quality time with your significant other. Of course, you can also make your order on the standout drink counter, ranging from Bloody Mary, The 400 and The 55th & 5th. Live music plays from 9:00 P.M. onwards and if you visit the bar during the Happy Hour (6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.and 9:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.), you will be able to enjoy a two-for-one promotion on cocktails, house wines and spirits.

    The Sunset Deck at the Bon Ton Resort treats you to a lovely evening by the pool surrounded by palm trees and coconut trees as you enjoy the panoramic view with your favourite choice of cocktails and booze. Marvel at the beautiful view of the sunset with your significant other and be dazed by the golden lining of the evening sky. The palm side lights make the picturesque view even more stunning and you will find yourself lost in the beauty of the day.

    If you are travelling with your mates, check out “The Verandah - The Danna Langkawi” at Telaga Harbour Park for a casual dining getaway. Its beautiful lounge and a wide selection of fine liquor are sure to keep you fascinated as you chat the night away. The fine establishment also houses the Drawing Room, offering an extensive 200 wine labels from around the world that you can choose from.

    Check out the local Langkawi night markets for a Malaysian culinary experience! (Image Credit: Flickr//van Lombok naar Lombok)

  • Night Market
  • In Langkawi, there is a unique experience you will be able to take part in. Each one of the island’s night market operates on different days of the week. Put them together and you will have a whole week’s itinerary for a full night market hopping:

    • Monday: Ulu Melaka Night Market
    • Tuesday: Kedawang Night Market
    • Wednesday: Kuah Town Night Market
    • Thursday: Bohor Temoyong Night Market
    • Friday: Ayer Hangat Night Market
    • Saturday: Kuah Town Night Market
    • Sunday: Padang Matsirat Night Market

    If you are staying in Langkawi for more than a week, it might be worth your time to stop by and explore the different night markets and their various specialities. After all, it is not every day that you can brag to your friends about the fact that you have visited every single night market there is in Langkawi!

    The nightlife in Langkawi is full of splendour and brilliance. Put yourself at the right place and time and you might be in for a surprise like you never did before.

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