Published: Oct 16, 2018

Cameron Highlands Time Tunnel Museum: A Step Back in Time

The entrance of Time Tunnel Museum in Cameron Highlands. (Image Credit: Cameron Highlands Info)

Location of Time Tunnel Museum in Cameron Highlands:

  • UT/MR/F-255, Jalan Sungei Burung, Brinchang, 39100, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

How to get to Time Tunnel Museum in Cameron Highlands:

  1. Rent a car and drive yourself to the Time Tunnel Museum. Malaysia has great infrastructure and is easy to drive around. A GPS will guide you to the museum.
  2. There are buses that travel to Cameron Highlands every day from different destinations in Malaysia. You can purchase a ticket online.

Visiting hours of Time Tunnel Museum in Cameron Highlands:

  • Daily 9AM – 6PM

Entrance fee at Time Tunnel Museum in Cameron Highlands:

  • Adult – RM 6.00
  • Child – RM 4.00

A section in the memorabilia museum that resembles a traditional coffee shop. (Image Credit: IpohWorld)

Located in the town of Brinchang, the Time Tunnel Museum is one of the main attractions in Cameron Highlands. The Time Tunnel is also the first ever memorabilia museum in Malaysia. Unlike any other museums, instead of historical artefact on display, the museum is filled with over thousands of collectables and memorabilia. What more amazing is that all of these items are the private collection of a Cameron local named See Kok Chan. Mr See has an interest in collecting old items existing from the older days. After years of collecting, Mr See has accumulated this amazing collection and decided to open the Time Tunnel Museum to share his treasure trove to the public. During the January of the year 2007, Mr See partnered with Kok Lim Strawberry Farm and used the basement of Kok Lim Strawberry Farm for his memorabilia showroom. Those who were born in the early days of Malaysia will certainly feel a sense of nostalgia during their visit at the Time Tunnel with all the familiar items bring exhibited. The Time Tunnel is a big museum with several sections displaying different themes of the exhibition and it will be worthwhile to spend some time here to travel back in time and look at how life is during the earlier days of Cameron Highlands.

Toys during the mid 19th centuries hanging from the ceiling of the museum.

Some traditional Chinese items on display in the Time Tunnel Museum. (Image Credit: Flickr// Fred Zafsky)



1. Orang Asli

This section shows the life of the local natives who lived in Cameron Highlands before the arrivals of outsiders. It captures the lifestyle of the natives which is very much different from now. There are photographs and information of Orang Asli being shown in this area. Besides that, the tools, traps and handicrafts are exhibited on the floor and on the walls.

2. Barber Shop

This area is a mock-up of a traditional barbershop back in the early days. It is complete with equipment and items such as mirrors, straight razors, scissors, hair sprays, shavers, hair dryers, clippers, curlers and a broad range of combs. Other than that, the wall I the area is also covered with all sorts of posters that were used for promotion during those days. The area really shows a complete replica of how the interior of a traditional barber shops looks like. A highlight of this area is the 50 years old barber chair.

3. Children’s Corner

This is a special section that will bring up memories of many of those who were living in the older days as a child. There are many of the items that children those days live by such as toys, stationaries, books, old-school uniforms, old school shoes and many more. This will surely make those who lived those time feel nostalgic.

You can also get to know more about the mystery of Jim Thompson in a section dedicated to him in the Time Tunnel Museum. (Image Credit: waniwin)

4.Jim Thompson Corner

This is an area dedicated to the Silk King of Thailand, Jim Thompson. He helped to revitalise the silk industry in Thailand. This area is located in the middle of the museum. This exhibits the story of Jim Thompson and his mysterious disappearance in Cameron Highlands. The American businessman visited Cameron Highlands to meet his friends. On the 26th of March 1967, he disappeared in Cameron Highlands during a walk and is still a mystery up until now.

5. Cameron Highlands Chronology

This area showcases historical timelines of Cameron Highlands since it was discovered by William Cameron in 1885. You will be able to see how Cameron Highlands has transformed from being a laid-back village to a famous tourist hotspot now.

6. Old Kopitiam

This section shows the interior of a traditional old style coffee shop with the furniture that was used from that time. Nostalgic music is also played in the background to let visitors feel what it is like before. You can also see the old but beautiful wares used during that time such as chopsticks, ashtrays, coffee cups and many more. There are also a collection of old soft drinks that is being displayed in the area but they are not for sale.

The museum has an amazing collection of memorabilia from the past.

These are some of the highlights about what you can expect to see in the Time Tunnel museum. However, this is only just a few of the various things that you will be seeing in the museum. There are so much more to see that surely everyone can find something that piques their interest in some way. Especially for those who are born between the 1950s and 1980s, they will enjoy seeing so many of the familiar items that are hard to find now.

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