Published: Oct 17, 2018

Cameron Highlands: Mossy Forest

The entrance towards the trails of Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands.

Location of Mossy Forest:

          39000, Brinchang, Pahang

How to get to Mossy Forest:

A. Join a trip with tour operators or local guide, they will bring you there in 4WD.

B. Explore yourself by driving up to the forest. However, the road conditions is very bad and rough. Most tour guides drive in custom 4WDs.

Some visitors taking pictures with the fascinating environment inside the Mossy Forest. (Image Credit: Flickr// fischstaebchen1985)

The Mossy Forest in Cameron Highland is one of the most popular attractions there. A mystical and unique forest where mosses covering its whole landscape. Mossy Forest is located inside Mount Brinchang at 2032 metres above sea level. The forest is often covered by mists and low-level clouds which creates an ideal biotope for moss, ferns, lichens and orchids. It is the second highest peak in Cameron Highland and has the highest tarmac road in Malaysia. At this height of elevation, the Mossy Forest regularly catches rain and this moist condition has helped to form this fabled forest that many visitors often relates to the forests in Lord of the Rings or any fairy tales. The forest is also home to various montane faunas including insects, snakes, frogs, birds and mammals that are epidemic to this unique environment. Be on a lookout for any animals to see when you are visiting the Mossy Forest.

The visit to Mossy Forest is often done with an experienced local guide because the forest is quite huge and sometimes dangerous. A boardwalk was elevated for visitors to explore a part of the forest so that they will not get lost. The forest is an undulating terrain of steep up and downs and due to its constant moist condition, the trails in Mossy Forest are usually wet and slippery. Thus, exploring the forest is often guided and also done in a group. The 150 metres long boardwalk will let you explore the forest briefly which starts from a clearing along the main road. As you walk on the steps of the boardwalk, you will be able to see some steel mesh attached to the steps to prevent visitors from slipping.

Inside the Mossy Forest, moss and ferns grow all over the place and it looks very mystical.

Continue wandering into this mystical forest, the ambience will become more surreal and stunning. At the end of the boardwalk, you either turn back to end your visit on this enchanting forest or you continue to hike through it. If you continue to explore the forest, mind that there will be no boardwalks but a trail with dirt and heavy muds. There will be pitcher plants and orchids growing around the forest and you can spot them yourself if you have sharp eyes. Otherwise, your experienced guides will point them out to you if they see it. At some part of the trail, you will need to bend down as draping branches and ferns grow over your head as if trying to reach out to you. The best time to go to Mossy Forest is in the early morning when the mist still lingers around the forest that enhances its charm along with the chilly atmosphere. Morning is also good timing to spot the birds that live in the forest before they fly out to start their day too. Furthermore, some visitors also do camping in Mossy Forest.

The viewing deck in Mossy Forest over the landscapes surrounding Cameron Highlands. (Image Credit:

Some tips for the Mossy Forest visit are:

  • Best explored with the guidance of an experienced local guide that knows the forest well

  • Exploration by yourself is possible but do go in a group

  • The forest is sometimes misty and might be hard to navigate through so staying close together is better to avoid getting lost

  • Hiking shoes are not needed unless you plan to go off the wooden boardwalk

  • Weather can get very cold sometimes

  • Best time to visit is in the morning

  • Mossy Forest entrance fee is as below:

    • Malaysians: RM10 per adult, RM5 children below 12 years old
    • International: RM30 per adult, RM15 children below 12 years old

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