Published: Oct 30, 2018

Cameron Highlands Mah Meri Art Gallery

Many impressively carved wooden masks are displayed in the Mah Meri Art Gallery.

Location of Mah Meri Art Gallery:
  • 29 & 30, 1st Floor, Main Road, Tanah Rata, 39000, Malaysia.
How to get to Mah Meri Art Gallery:
  1. You can travel to Tanah Rata by bus. There are buses that travel to Tanah Rata every day from different locations in West Malaysia. You can search for them online and also buy tickets too.
  2. You can drive yourself to the address with your own car or a rented car.
  3. There might be tour packages that include the Mah Meri Art Gallery as part of their itinerary. You can join the tour.
Visiting Hours of Mah Meri Art Gallery:
  • Daily – 10.30am to 7.30pm
Entrance Fee at Mah Meri Art Gallery:
  • Adults – RM37
  • Kids – RM21

Mah Meri people live on Carey Island and has a population of approximately 4,000 people.

What is Mah Meri?

Mah Meri (which means “jungle man”) is a group of indigenous people that live on Carey Island. Carey Island is located about 28 kilometres south of Klang in Selangor. There are a total of 5 Mah Meri villages on Carey Island with a total population of 4,000 of them. Mah Meri is a subgroup of the Senoi ethnic group in Malaysia. The Senoi ethnic is believed to have an origin from Yunnan around 10,000 years ago. The tribe practices animism which can be seen on their heritage.

Mah Meri who is also known as the “Mask Men of Malaysia” are famous for their wood carving skills. The tribe still preserves age-old heritage and culture. The Mah Meri tribe are believed to be the world’s best mask-makers with their amazing carving skills. As the tribe still practices animism, most of their wood carvings are featured by animistic characters. It is also one of the factors that led the wood carvings to receive the UNESCO Seal of Excellence. While the men are skilled in wood carvings, the women are also very great in the art of leaf origami.

These intricate designs and beautifully carved masks showcase the amazing craftsmanship and skills of the Mah Meri people. (Image Credit: DailyMail//Josephine Forster)

The Mah Meri Art Gallery

The Mah Meri Art Gallery located at Tanah Rata is an interesting tourist destination in the Cameron Highlands. The gallery showcases a private collection of wood carvings, masks and sculptures carved by the Mah Meri indigenous people living in Carey Island. There are hundreds of sculptures, masks and statues that are exhibited in the Mah Meri Art Gallery. The masks and sculptures are impressive and well carved as the Mah Meri tribe are known for the amazing craftsmanship in wood carving. In the museum, you will be able to have a close look at the intricate details on these masks, sculptures and statues that are truly world class in terms of quality and craftsmanship. These finely made masterpieces will definitely amaze you with their sophisticated details. By touring the gallery, you will be able to know a lot on both the information about Mah Meri masks and information about Mah Meri sculptures. The gallery is also not a usual tourist hotspot but more of a hidden jewel in the Cameron Highlands.

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