Best Outdoor Team Building Activities in Malaysia

The concept of team building has risen into prominence in recent decades. More and more companies and organizations are starting to take team building seriously as an influential aspect that affects their efficiency and productivity. There have been many successful results of the emphasis on team building activities within the organizations. Most of them which help creating a more comfortable and friendly working environment due to employee’s relationship getting closer due to team building activities. This further leads to empowering employees and increases motivation along with productivity and efficiency.

With a beautiful nature setting and wide sandy beaches, Malaysia is the home of many excellent outdoor team building activities. The rainforest landscapes consisting waterfalls, mountains, and rivers provides many exciting adventures. Here are some of the best outdoor team building activities in Malaysia that is suitable for anyone.


Not only to see floras and faunas in the tropical rainforest, Taman Negara is also an excellent location for team building activities due to its nature setting.

1. Taman Negara

The vast national park situated in the state of Pahang is one of the world’s oldest forest with approximately 130 million years of age. It has a bountiful collection of floras and faunas including the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia. Other than a nature lover’s heaven, Taman Negara trips are excellent for team building activities. In the middle of peaceful and quiet nature, people can enjoy themselves and have team building activities.

There is a wide range of outdoor activities that can be done here. One of it is the white water rafting that requires a great team effort and good communication. Other activities like mountain climbing, endurance courses and orang asli survivor skills can also be done here. Team work is particularly important in these activities as many of them requires team work in order to complete the tasks. The challenging outdoor setting can invoke a stronger team spirit among the team and able to transfer these team work spirit back to the workplace.


Team building allows participants to know more about each other including each of their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Langkawi Island

The Langkawi Island is situated off the coast of northwest Malaysia in the state of Kedah. It is also known as the Jewel of Kedah. The famous island is home to many beautiful luxury resorts as well as chalets by the sandy beaches. It is also a very famous tourist destination due to its duty free status and amazing beaches. White sandy beaches, beautiful sea view and relaxing environment is not only perfect for a summer vacation but also an excellent team building destination. These has led many organizations to do team building activities in Langkawi.

Despite being an island, Langkawi provides a huge variety of outdoor activities suitable for team building. It gives a slightly different feeling of the usual outdoor adventure found deep in the jungles. Some of the resorts provide amazing race or treasure hunt activities that covers a big part of the island which introduces participants to different places in Langkawi. Other outdoor activities like mangrove kayaking, flying fox, abseiling or ATV can also be done here. These activities can also help to build trust between participants which can foster relationships.


Some adventurous team building activities really helps to develop teamwork in extreme situations.

3. Gopeng

Gopeng is a small town in Perak surrounded by flourishing forests and various limestone mountains. It is an old tin mining town about 20 kilometres away from Ipoh, the capital of Perak state. Some of its building have remained the same when the town was first founded. It is a city has a Chinese culture feel because the tin miners back then are mostly Chinese people. Now, this town is gradually rising to a higher status as one of the best team building destination in Malaysia with its nature surroundings. Gopeng is now offering a whole lot of adventurous outdoor activities for team building.

One of the most famous outdoor activities in Gopeng is white water rafting. With a grading of level I-III for white water rafting, the Kampar River is an excellent location for the activity. Participants will navigate through the rapid rivers with great team work for a few hours. Other outdoor activities such as waterfall abseiling and caving can also be found here and great for team building. The green nature setting of Gopeng provides an excellent location for outdoor team building activities to be done. Many resorts here is situated deep into the forest or along the rivers which makes activities done here often feels relaxing and peaceful. With all these amazing features, Gopeng is one of the top choices for team building activities.


Visitors trekking in the jungle helping out each other can also be a form of team building that strengthens relationships between each other.

4. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is located in the northwest of the Pahang state. It is one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist destinations for both locals and foreigners. It is famous for its cool climate because of its geographic location ranging above 800 metres to 1600 metres above sea level. Cameron Highlands’ cool temperature makes it a perfect place to escape the tropical heat and relax with breezy airs. There are many places to go to in Cameron Highlands such as strawberry farms, fruit orchards, the tea plantation, Lavender farm, mossy forest and many other more.

Besides that, Cameron Highlands has recently become a favoured destination for team building activities. It definitely gives a unique experience due to its climate. Some of the outdoor team building activities in Cameron Highlands are jungle trekking, night walk, flying fox and others. Some of the resorts here also provide team building services which offer activities such as treasure hunt, amazing race and tele match games. Cameron Highlands will definitely a great team building destination due to its unique location.


Fun and exciting team building activities definitely can help participants escape from the daily stress from work.

5. Desaru

Desaru is located in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Johor. It is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination because of its long and big beach. The government have all designated the area of Desaru to be a tourism area. Desaru attracts many local tourists and also Singaporean tourists. There are many activities in Desaru suitable for families and any ages. Beaches, gold clubs and farms are some of the places that people love to go when the visit Desaru.

Team building activities have been done here frequently due to its resort like destination. Furthermore, the accommodations here are also suitable for those who are looking for a more budget approach. As the Desaru Beach is one of the popular attraction here, many water sports activities can be found here including jet skiing and surfing. The beach can also be used for team building activities too. Other than that, the famous Desaru Fruit Farm also offers day tours around the farm and even overnight tours. Surprisingly, the farm also offers activities such as paintball war game and ATV rides which are also fun team building activities.


Achieving something great together will help to form a stronger bond between each of the participants.

6. Mount Kinabalu Hike

All the way in the East Malaysia stands one of the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu. The majestic mountain has attracted thousands of visitors to challenge its peak. This is mainly due to its high accessibility where no special skills or equipment is required to climb the mountain. However, it is still no walk in the park to reach the peak of Mount Kinabalu. The hike will be a test on climber’s physical capabilities and endurance as the climb becomes harder in the latter parts. Nonetheless, a rewarding experience will be waiting for those who overcome the challenges and reach the peak.

Furthermore, a team building hike to reach the top of the Mount Kinabalu is definitely in the books of many people. The hike towards the top is not for those weak hearted. During these times, people can encourage each other, giving support when needed and climb to the top together. Friendships are said to be strengthen by overcoming hardships together. The Mount Kinabalu hike will definitely show you why. By going on a team building hike to the peak of Mount Kinabalu, the relationships within the team will definitely be fostered.