Published: Mar 03, 2019

All you need to know about Sipadan Island

Semporna is a fishing town, the gateway for travellers to get to Sipadan and Mabul! (Image Credit: Flickr//Rui Wang)

For you who are unfamiliar with Sipadan Island, the name may feel like it is just like any other island – another protruding landmass from the ocean tectonic movement that adds up as another national nautical territory. But in Southeast Asia, archipelago and island mass lie at the core of each and every one of the country. This is primarily because each island is precious. They each represent the richness of said country and incidentally, serves as popular tourist destinations for its sheer beauty and strategic geographical locality. Sipadan Island, located south from the city of Semporna, prides itself in its crystalline water top-notch accommodation, rich submarine biodiversity and various engagement that will leave you wanting for more.

A diverse and colourful coral reef is abundant around Sipadan.

Being the only oceanic island in Malaysia at 600 m above the seabed, it stands tall and beautiful as one of the jewels of Malaysia. Unlike many other islands, Sipadan Island is actually formed by living corals growing on top of an existing volcano cone. So when you eventually explore the bottom of Sipadan Island, you will be greeted by the sight of colourful and majestic reefs covering the underwater landmass of the island. Of course, that is not all. You will also see for yourself what the island offers when it comes to the inhabitants of the sea. Located at one of the richest oceanic regions in Southeast Asia, you are up for a ride as you dive into the vast blue ocean and swim along the fishes or simply chill with a quick snorkel as you greet the fishes near the surface.

Snorkelling around Mabul and Sipadan island.

To protect the island and its unspoiled nature offerings, Sipadan Island no longer offer any sort of accommodations. Those looking for an island stay will need to look towards the nearby Mabul Island instead. The beautiful island shares a lot of similarity with Sipadan as both are part of the many island chains in Sabah dedicated as a pristine diving and snorkelling spots for divers and tourists alike. The first thing you might notice is that Mabul Island has many accommodations suspended by a wooden platform from the sea as well as a few off the beach chalets. Yes indeed, the architecture of the diving resorts here is one of the many reasons that make Mabul unique.

Sunset on Mabul Island.

If you are interested in finding out more about this while not missing out on the fun of Sipadan Island, do check out our Mabul Island and Sipadan Backpacker Package for more information.

A stilt house over the waters of Mabul Island.

From scenic view and rich underwater ecosystem to amazing neighbouring island, Sipadan has it all. Lose yourself in the moment as you make your way around the island and explore the many different charms and sides to Sipadan and the Celebes Sea. It will surely be a memory that you will not forget.

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