Activities in Gopeng

A street with old shop lots at Gopeng.

Gopeng is a relaxing and laidback town in the state of Perak, Malaysia. The town is just about 20 kilometres away from Ipoh the capital city of Perak state. Once the most important tin mining site of Malaya, it is now surrounded by magnificent limestone hills, lush green forest landscapes and beautiful rivers. The town breathes off a historical ambience with its old shop lots and streets. Some of the buildings have remained the same when the town was found.

Gopeng, Perak as one of the most important tin mining centre back then welcomed a huge flock of people to work in the tin mining industry. The town then quickly became busier and more developed with more residence in the area. Chinese immigrants have dominated the tin mining job here causing the town to feel Chinese in terms of culture. After the downfall of tin industry in the 1980s, the once bustling city has slowly slumped and people began moving out to big cities for more jobs as Gopeng lost its reason being. Now, the quiet town has reinvented itself to become a top destination for ecotourism and outdoor adventures with its exciting landscapes. Team building activities in Gopeng are also becoming more of a trademark for this awakening town. Besides that, adventurous activities such as white water rafting, kayaking, jungle trekking, hiking, ATV rides and many more can be found in this little town that will provide an excellent adrenaline filled trip for those who seek it.

With so much to offer, Gopeng has gradually reached its previous fame and status. Adventure tourists from all around the world will turn their heads to Gopeng if they want some exhilarating adventures in their trip. Here are some of the most exciting and fun activities you can do at Gopeng:


White water rafting activity at Kampar River.

  • White Water Rafting

White water rafting is the most famous activity in Gopeng. The Gopeng water rafting challengers will conquer the rapids of Kampar River in this excitement filled activity. The Gopeng white water rafting river is graded at class level I-III with 14 rapids excellent for white water rafting. An instructor will accompany the ride and give instructions on what to do at different parts of the river as you traverse along the river. The ride will definitely be bumpy as your ride will fall over small cliffs of the river and follow the rapids that splash through the river. During rainy season, the water will be even wilder. Fret not as all the required skills in white water rafting will be taught before you go on the challenge. The Gopeng River rafting usually takes around 2.5 hours.


Visitors happily posing for a picture outside Gua Tempurung.


The magnificient stalagmites and stalactites formations inside Gua Tempurung.

  • Caving

The limestone hills surrounding Gopeng is not only an amazing scenery to view but also offers one of the best caving experience available. Among the hills lies Tempurung Cave, the largest cave in Peninsular Malaysia. A 400 million years old cave with 5 huge domes that resembles the coconut shell, Tempurung Cave is suitable for caving beginners. The cave offers 4 types of tour which is different in terms of caving duration. The longest tour of the cave would be the Grand Tour which take around 3 hours where the tour will bring you on a comprehensive tour in Tempurung Cave. Within the cave, you will be able to witness the beautiful stalagmites and formations. The cave adventure is very exciting which you will need to traverse through cave passages and climb walls or even through slippery rocks. Various caverns offers picturesque view of sunlight shining on the walls that gives out many beautiful colours.


Waterfall abseiling at Ulu Geruntum Waterfall.

  • Waterfall Abseiling

The Ulu Geruntum Waterfall is a popular waterfall to do the waterfall abseiling. It is located within the forest surrounding Gopeng. At the height of 15 metres, the waterfall is very good for waterfall abseiling. Equipment will be set up at the waterfall. You will get wet for sure from the rapid waters splashing around you. When everything is ready, you will be abseiling down the waterfall. The activity is done with care and slow pace because the force of waters splashing down at you and slippery rock surface makes it a challenging activity. The nature will come gushing at you with its cool and refreshing water.


A group of individuals participating in teambuilding activity at Gopeng.

  • Team Building Activities

Other than adventurous outdoor activities, Gopeng is now one of the go to places for team building activities. There are a number of facilities in Gopeng that provide team building elements. Due to its nature surrounding, whether corporate, family or friends loved Gopeng as a bonding destination because it gives a peaceful and friendly environment for those who came. Barbecue dinner, campfire, tele match games and other team building activities can be found in various locations within Gopeng. These activities accompanied by the adventurous outdoor activities such as white water rafting, jungle trekking and others has made Gopeng into a top team building destination. A location within the beautiful nature of Gopeng along with friends and family will definitely give you a memorable experience.